VICTRON ENERGY – Marine chargers & inverters

About VICTRON ENERGY – Marine chargers & inverters

Victron energy is a reputable manufacturer in Netherlands. The product range includes battery chargers, inverters, inverter/chargers, battery monitors, DC-DC converters, battery isolators, etc.

Some of their models are the following:
Battery chargers
Phoenix 24V/16A
Phoenix 24V/25A
Phoenix 12V/30A
Phoenix 12V/50A
Skylla-TG 24V/30A
Skylla-TG 24V/30A GMDSS
Skylla-TG 24V/50A
Skylla-TG 48V/50A
Skylla-TG 24V/50A
Skylla-TG 24V/100A
Skylla – i 24V/80A
Skylla – i 24V/100A
Centaur 12V/20A
Centaur 12V/30A
Centaur 24V/30A
Centaur 12V/40A
Centaur 24V/40A
Centaur 12V/50A
Centaur 12V/60A
Centaur 24V/60A
Centaur 12V/80A
Centaur 12V/100A

Phoenix 12V/350VA
Phoenix 24V/350VA
Phoenix 12V/800VA
Phoenix 24V/800VA
Phoenix C 12V/1200VA
Phoenix C 24V/1200VA
Phoenix C 12V/1600VA
Phoenix C 24V/1600VA
Phoenix C 12V/2000VA
Phoenix C 24V/2000VA
Phoenix 12V/3000VA
Phoenix 24V/3000VA
Phoenix C 24V/5000VA

Phoenix Multi C12/800/35-16
Phoenix Multi Plus C24/1200
Phoenix Multi Plus C12/1200
Phoenix Multi Plus C24/1600
Phoenix Multi Plus C12/1600
Phoenix Multi Plus C24/2000
Phoenix Multi Plus C12/2000
Phoenix Multi Plus C12/3000
Phoenix Multi Plus C24/3000
Phoenix Multi Plus C24/3000
Phoenix Multi Plus C24/5000
Phoenix Multi Plus C48/5000
Quattro 24/3000/70
Quattro 24/5000/120

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