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Our company provides reliable and personable service, repair and installation for the most major brands of marine pumps such as Calpeda, Gianneschi, CEM, Allweiler, FEIT, IMO, etc.
From cruisers to mega yachts, our support is tailored to respond in the best way to captains/owners needs.
Due to our experience and professionalism, we have stable collaboration with many agents and brokers for over a decade.


In cases of ware due to corrosion, cavitation or electrolysis, we suggest the anti-corrosion ceramic coating on pumps’ body and moving parts. This special coating procedure protects pumps’ surfaces from corrosion attack and increases successfully the life time.
That means the pump becomes more durable which reduce the costs of maintenance.
Finally, if there is already damage on pump’s surfaces (impeller, shaft, etc.), it can be repaired by ceramic coating.


Pumps’ service is highly recommended every 1-3 years; however it depends on the pump type and its operating hours. The service includes the following:

  • Anti-corrosion protection (optional)
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Bearings replacement
  • Mechanical seal replacement
  • Carbon brushes replacement
  • Gaskets replacement
  • O-rings replacement
  • Dielectric test
  • Paint coat
  • Operation test


  • Anti-corrosion repair & protection
  • Motor rewiring
  • Shaft repair/replacement
  • Impeller replacement
  • Valves replacement
  • Stator repair/replacement
  • Motor replacement
  • Diffuser replacement
  • Etc.

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