CEM – High quality pumps for yachts

CEM is a well known and reliable manufacturer. The product range includes self-priming pumps, centrifugal pumps, water pressure systems, etc.
The pumps are produced with 12V, 24V, 230V and 3 phase 230/400V configuration. Furthermore, the pumps can be supplied with 50/60Hz configuration.

Some of their models are the following:
Self-priming electric pumps
020, 020S, 025, 030, 040, 050, 070 (Bronze)
020 MP, 025 MP, 030 MP, 040 MP (Bronze)
025 inox, 030 inox, 040 inox, 050 inox, 070 inox, 080 inox (Stainless steel)
J-mini,  J-INOX, MG-INOX (Stainless steel)
JBR,  JBR2, JBR3, JBR4, JBR5 (Bronze)
ABR 32/1, ABR 32/2, ABR 32/3, ABR 40/1, ABR 40/2, ABR 50/1, ABR 50/2, ABR 65/1, ABR 65/2, ABR 65/3 (Bronze)
AM 512B, AM 512A, AM 615C, AM 615B, AM 615A, AM 801B, AM 801A (Bronze)
AM 40, AM 50, AM 65, AM 65/1 (Bronze)
SBR (Bronze)
SBX, SBX 6, SBX 7, SBX 8/A, SBX 8 (Stainless steel)
SBM-mini, SBM-midex, SBM-minor, SBM-major, SBR-maxi (Stainless steel)
TB (Cast iron)

Centrifugal electric pumps
CE 16, CE 20, CE 22 (Cast iron)
B-CE 16, B-CE 20, B-CE 22, B-CE 41/1, B-CE 25/12, B-CE 25/16, B-CE 25/20 (Bronze)
B-CN 32/125, B-CN 40/125, B-CN 40/160, B-CN 50/125, B-CN 65/160, B-CN 80/160 (Bronze)

Self-priming gear electric pumps
GEAR 5-B, GEAR 10-B, GEAR 15-B, GEAR 25-B, GEAR 35-B, GEAR 50-B, GEAR 60-B, GEAR 70-B (Bronze)
GEAR ST 100-B, GEAR ST 150-B, GEAR ST 200-B, GEAR ST 250-B, GEAR ST 300-B (Bronze)
GEAR ST 350-B, GEAR ST 400-B, GEAR ST 500-B, GEAR ST 600-B (Bronze)
GEAR 5-G, GEAR 10-G, GEAR 15-G, GEAR 25-G, GEAR 35-G, GEAR 50-G, GEAR 60-G, GEAR 70-G (Cast iron)
GEAR ST 100-G, GEAR ST 150-G, GEAR ST 200-G, GEAR ST 250-G, GEAR ST 300-G (Cast iron)
GEAR ST 350-G, GEAR ST 400-G, GEAR ST 500-G, GEAR ST 600-G (Cast iron)

Peripheral electric pumps
PB (Bronze)
PCC (Cast iron)

Submersible electric pumps
BRA 50, BRA 75, BRA 100, BRA 150, BRA 200(Bronze)

Diesel motor pumps
AM-D 40, AM-D 50, AM-D 65 (Bronze)

Water pressure systems with tank (stainless steel or painted steel tank)
J-mini (2, 8 or 20 Lt. Tank)
J-INOX (2, 8 or 20 Lt. Tank)
PB (2 or 8 Lt. Tank)
JBR (2, 8 or 20 Lt. Tank)
JBR2, JBR3, JBR4, JBR5 (20 Lt. Tank)

Electronic water pressure systems
J-mini/EPC, J-INOX/EPC, MG-INOX/EPC (Stainless steel)

Horizontal double water pressure systems
GD-J/1, GD-J/2, GD-J/3, GD-MG/1, GD-MG/2, GD-MG/3 (Stainless steel)
GD-JBR/1, GD-JBR/2, GD-JBR/3, GD-JBR 2/1, GD-JBR 2/2, GD-JBR 2/3 (Bronze)
GD-JBR 3/1, GD-JBR 3/2, GD-JBR 3/3, GD-JBR 4/2, GD-JBR 5/2 (Bronze)

Vertical double water pressure systems
GDV-J/1, GDV-J/2, GDV-J/3, GDV-MGV/1, GDV-MG/2, GDV-MG/3 (Stainless steel)
GDV-JBR/1, GDV-JBR/2, GDV-JBR/3, GDV-JBR 2/1, GDV-JBR 2/2, GDV-JBR 2/3 (Bronze)
GDV-JBR 3/1, GDV-JBR 3/2, GDV-JBR 3/3, GDV-JBR 4/2, GDV-JBR 5/2 (Bronze)

Horizontal double water pressure systems with electronic control device (EPC)
GDE-J/1, GDE-J/2, GDE-J/3, GDE-MGV/1, GDE-MG/2, GDE-MG/3 (Stainless steel)
GDE-JBR/1, GDE-JBR/2, GDE-JBR/3, GDE-JBR 2/1, GDE-JBR 2/2, GDE-JBR 2/3 (Bronze)
GDE-JBR 3/1, GDE-JBR 3/2, GDE-JBR 3/3, GDE-JBR 4/2 (Bronze)

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