ATI – Marine water heaters

ATI is a well known manufacturer of marine water heaters. Since 1973 manufactures appliances and accessories for the heating market.

The product range includes the following:

1…Water heater – 12 lt stainless steel (BB1205X, BB1208X, BB1212X)

2…Water heater – 19 lt stainless steel (BB2005X, BB2008X, BB2012X)

3…Water heater – 22 lt stainless steel (BB2205X, BB2208X, BB2212X)

4…Water heater – 30 lt stainless steel (BB3005X, BB3008X, BB3012X)

5…Water heater – 45 lt stainless steel (BB4505X, BB4508X, BB4512X)

6…Water heater – 60 lt stainless steel (BB6005X, BB6008X, BB6012X)


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