Scale Off

Scale – off is an acid liquid product suitable for the removal of heavy oxides and water scales from heat exchangers, metal surfaces, boilers, filters, etc. It is safe on aluminum and its alloys.

Available in plastic cans of 5lt and 20lt.


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SCALE OFF is a liquid acid type product that effectively removes rust, calcium carbonate and magnesium hydrate scales from heat exchangers, boilers, evaporators, closed and open re-circulating cooling systems and all other types of water systems.

It contains inhibitors and surface-active agents to protect sound metal surfaces giving more efficient reaction with the scale deposits.

When different metals exist in the system with aluminum, we suggest the use of SCALE OFF, because any other chemical will destroy aluminum.


SCALE OFF is normally used in a concentration of 10-20 % in water.

The concentration varies, depending on the nature and the quantity of the scale.

Cold solutions work satisfactorily. However, heating speeds its action, with greatest efficiency obtained at 70 oC.

When the temperature exceeds 50 oC probably the aluminum and aluminum alloys will be slightly affected.

To strengthen solutions weakened through usage, simply add more SCALE OFF to restore solution to desired concentration.

Add SCALE OFF directly to the water in the system.

Circulate solution, hot or cold, until inspection shows system is free of scales.

Depending on the condition of the system circulation for 1-24 hours is sufficient.


Contains acidic ingredients. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.


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