• Planus Electrovalve

    Planus brass inlet electro valve 12V, 24V or 230V.

  • Planus single inlet pump

    Planus single inlet pump 12V or 24V.

  • Planus standard control panel

    Planus standard flush controller.

    Single or double switches.

  • Flange and sealing for Planus pump

    Flange and sealing for Planus outlet pump

    P/N: 02.005.00 (flange)

    P/N: 03.006.00 (o-ring)

  • Planus discharge/siphon hose

    Planus discharge siphon hose.

    P/N: PW.003.00

  • Planus toilet discharge hose

    P/N: 03.002.00 (discharge hose)

    P/N: PW.005.00 (discharge hose complete)

    Discharge hose for Planus toilets

  • Planus toilet one-way valve

    P/N: PW.006.00

    One-way valve for Planus toilets

  • Planus toilets inlet pipe

    P/N: PW.007.00

    Inlet pipe for Planus toilets

  • Planus vortex outlet pump

    P/N: PW.001.00 (12v), PW.002.00 (24v), PW.034.00 (230v)

    Vortex outlet pump for Planus toilets.


  • Vetus sanitary hose

    Vetus sanitary hose is appropriate for toilets, black water tanks and other sanitary systems.