Air conditioning for yachts and super yachts

Clion Marine Chillers are ideal for cooling entire boats and larger yachts. The chiller operates using a seawater-cooled condenser. The chilled water is distributed to the various areas through insulated pipes. Temperature is controlled by the connection with one or more Air Handlers in the various different zones. This allows the temperature to be controlled independently in each zone. Depending on the capacity of the Clion Marine Chiller concerned, the number of air handlers within the system is unlimited. This makes the system ideal for cooling entire boats and mega yachts.

  • CLION-MARINE CHILLER 50.000 – 270.000 BTU

    Clion-marine chiller a/c system from 50000 to 270000 BTU.

    – Full inverter Reverse cycle chillers in stainless steel housing.
    – No inductive loads at start up, low energy consumption and easy to install
    – Integrated automatic fuses with manual reset.
    – Eco modus for running on low shore supplies.
    – Control box with prewired EMC protected cable loom , which can be installed a maximum of 0,8-1,2 mtr from the chiller.

    Chiller package
    The Clion-Marine chiller package consists of the following items: chiller, complete prewired EMC protected control box and cable loom
    (0,8-1mtr), mounting kit control box (preinstalled at front of the chiller), touch screen display, Vimar black bezel, RJ45 cable 10 mtr.