Products, spares and consumables for Idromar watermakers

  • Water filter housing 5” for Idromar

    Filter housing 5” for Idromar watermakers.
    Available as single or double with mounting bracket and key.

  • 20″ Sea water filter cartridges BB (big blue)

    20″ Sea water filter cartridges BB (big blue).

    Pre-filter cartridge for watermakers

    5, 10, 20 or 25 micron available

  • Stainless steel membrane vessel

    2540 Membrane vessel for marine watermakers – Stainless steel

    2540 pressure vessel for watermakers such as Idromar, HP, etc.

    Stainless steel construction

  • 5″ Water filter cartridge for Idromar

    Water filter cartridge 5” for Idormar watermakers.

    5 or 20 micron available.

  • Carbon filter cartridge for Idromar

    Carbon filter cartridge 5” for Idromar watermakers

  • CAT high pressure pump oil

    Oil for watermakers' high pressure pumps. Available in plastic cans 621ml.

  • Filmtec SW R/O membrane element

    P/N SW 30 2521
    P/N SW 30 2540
    P/N SW 30 4040
    Membrane element for watermakers

  • membrane cleaning chemical

    Idromar CTR powder for membranes cleaning

    Idromar CTR powder is used for washing of membranes as soon as ended the period of use for the watermaker.

    It is a necessary process, in order to protect the lifetime of the membranes.

    This acid chemical is proposed for all watermaker models of Idromar.

  • Idromar electric valve

    Idromar electric valve 24V.

  • Idromar flush meter

    Idromar flush meter 0-300 or 0-600.

  • idromar membranes storage

    Idromar preservative for membranes storage

    Idromar preservative for membranes storage during winter period.

    Idro 55 liquid is used in order to protect the membranes when the watermaker is not in use for long time.

    It is necessary to clean up the membranes with CTR powder (acid chemical), before the application of Idro 55 chemical.

  • Placeholder

    Idromar watermaker MC2J 130 lt/h

    Idromar model MC2J  is supplied on a single and compact frame and can produce 130 lt/h.

    Idromar watermakers produced by high quality of components and materials. Τhe wide range can meet the needs of every yacht.

    In case of limited available space on board, the system can be supplied as decomposed horizontal or vertical version.

    Prodution: 130 lt/h

    Consumption: 1.5 kW

    Dimensions (LxDxH): 56x45x38cm (without membranes and the pre-feed pump).