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  • calpeda meta

    Calpeda pump META

    Self priming booster set with built in frequency converter.

    MÈTA is a plug and play solution, the pump is equipped with an integrated pressure transducer, an integrated check valve and a built-in pressure vessel.

    The VSD controls the start/stop of the pump and allows to keep a constant pressure.


    • integrated frequency converter
    • built-in pressure vessel
    • high efficiency asynchronous single-phase motor
    • motor power control
    • programmable re-start pressure
    • no hydraulic losses due to the measuring devices
    • voltage and current control
    • monitoring of maximum starting current

    Voltage: 230V – Power: 1,35 kW – Net weight: 12,44 kg

  • CEM 020 – 070 marine self priming pump (bronze)

    CEM self-priming electric pumps 020-070 made in bronze with side liquid ring widely used in the nautical sector to empty bilges, fire-fighting and transfer liquids such as: fresh water, sea water, diesel-oil etc.

    • Pump body: BRONZE
    • Impeller: BRONZE
    • Pipe fittings: BRONZE
    • Shaft: AISI 316 Stainless steel
    • Mechanical seal: ceramics-graphite-NBR (special corrosion proof)
    See below models and performances