Product Tag - webasto marine spare parts

  • Webasto Digital control panel

    P/N WBCL000833D

    Webasto digital control panel including Bezel.

  • Webasto EC Digital cabin control KIT-V3

    P/N WBCL000373F

    Digital Cabin Control V3 – 230V with 4.5 m cable

  • Webasto Relay box for 2-4 A/C units

    Webasto relay box for 2-4 A/C units with one pump.

    Power: 230V

    P/N WBCL001127C for 2 units

    P/N WBCL001128C for 3 units

    P/N WBCL001129C for 4 units

  • Webasto remote (external) temperature sensor

    Webasto remote (external) temperature sensor.

    P/N WBCL000813B – with 3m cable

    P/N WBCL000810B – with 6m cable

    P/N WBCL000812B – with 12m cable

  • Webasto soft start for BlueCool air conditioners

    Webasto soft start can be easily integrated in the 230v air conditioners of the BlueCool S and C series. You can choose from among three BlueCool Soft Start models for different compressor sizes: 5,000-13,000 BTU/h, 16,000-20,000 BTU/h, and the largest model, with 24,000-42,000 BTU/h.


    P/N: WBCL050931A – Soft start 5000 – 13000 BTU, 50/60 Hz
    P/N: WBCL050932A – Soft Start 16,000 – 20,000 BTU, 50/60 Hz
    P/N: WBCL050933A – Soft Start 24,000 – 42,000 BTU, 50 /60 Hz